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Julio-Septiembre, 2011; Volumen 13: Número 3
MEDICC Review 2011; 13 (3)



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Equity Matters


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Cuban Maternity Homes: A model to address at-risk pregnancy
Gorry, Conner


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Roundtable: Revisiting innovative leaders in Medical Education
Neusy, André-Jacques; Palsdottir, Bjorg

Special Article

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Desarrollo farmaceútico global y acceso a medicamentos: Temas críticos de Ética y Equidad
Lage, Agustín

Original Research

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Intentional injury in young people in Vietnam: Prevalence and social correlates
Cu Le, Linh; Blum, Robert W

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Cuba’s strategy for childhood tuberculosis control, 1995–2005
Abreu, Gladys; González, José A; González, Edilberto; Bouza, Ileana; Velázquez, Antonio; Pérez, Tomás; Rubán, Ruth; González, Miriam; Sánchez, Reinaldo; Muñoz, Roberto; Sánchez, Lizet


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Raising the profile of participatory action research at the 2010 Global Symposium on Health Systems Research
Loewenson, Rene; Flores, Walter; Shukla, Abhay; Kagis, Maija; Baba, Amuda; Ryklief, Ashraf; Mbwili-Muleya, Clara; Kakde, Dhananjay

[Texto completo - PDF]
Population-level approaches to universal health coverage in resource-poor settings: Lessons from tobacco control policy in Vietnam
Higashi, Hideki; Khuong, Tuan A; Ngo, Anh D; Hill, Peter S

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Health systems in an interconnected world: A view from Nigeria
Abimbola, Seye

[Texto completo - PDF]
Ethiopia’s Health Extension Program: Improving health through community involvement
Banteyerga, Hailom

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Making the right to health a reality for Brazil’s indigenous peoples: Innovation, decentralization and equity
Coelho, Vera; Shankland, Alex

[Texto completo - PDF]
Impact of court rulings on health care coverage: The case of HIV/AIDS in Colombia
González, Ana Cristina; Durán, Juanita


[Texto completo - PDF]
Sumak Kawsay: Ecuador builds a New Health Paradigm
Hermida, César


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>Revistas >MEDICC Review >Año2011
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