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Abril-Junio, 2011; Volumen 10: Numero 2
Ann Hepatol 2011; 10 (2)


Hepatology Highlights

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Hepatology Highlights
Nahdi, Nawal Al; Lam, Mindy C W; Yoshida, Eric M

Original articles

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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the metabolic syndrome in an urban hospital serving an African community
Asabamaka Onyekwere, Charles; Ogbera, Anthonia O; Balogun, Babajide O

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Risk factors and predictors of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Taiwan
Ying-Chin, Lin; Shou-Chu, Chou; Pai-Tsang, Huang; Hung-Yi, Chiou

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Molecular and serological characterization of occult hepatitis B infection in blood donors from Mexico
García-Montalvo, Beatriz María; Ventura-Zapata, Laura Patricia

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Endoscopic variceal band ligation compared with propranolol for prophylaxis of first variceal bleeding
Drastich, Pavel; Lata, Jan; Petrtyl, Jaromir; Bruha, Radan; Prochazka, Vlastimil; Vanasek, Tomas; Zdenek, Petr; Skibova, Jelena; Hucl, Tomas; Spicak, Julius

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Lipid-bound sialic acid (LSA) in liver diseases of different etiologies
Chrostek, Lech; Cylwik, Bogdan; Panasiuk, Anatol; Brodowska-Adamusiak, Dorota; Gruszewska, Ewa

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Familial hypobetalipoproteinemia in a hospital survey: genetics, metabolism and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Gutiérrez-Cirlos, Carlos; Ordóñez-Sánchez, María Luisa; Tusié-Luna, María Teresa; Patterson, Bruce W; Schonfeld, Gustav; Aguilar-Salinas, Carlos A

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The efficacy of anti-viral therapy on hepatitis B virus-associated glomerulonephritis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Yi, Zhou; Jie, Yuan Wei; Nan, Zhu

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Onset of heart failure determines the hepatic cell death pattern
Herzer, Kerstin; Kneiseler, Guntje; Bechmann, Lars Peter; Post, Felix; Schlattjan, Martin; Sowa, Jan-Peter; Neumann, Till; Marggraf, Günter; Erbel, Raimund; Gerken, Guido; Canbay, Ali; Jochum, Christoph

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Does pre-liver transplant HBV DNA level affect HBV recurrence or survival in liver transplant recipients receiving HBIg and nucleos(t)ide analogues?
Campos-Varela, Isabel; Castells, Lluís; Buti, Maria; Vargas, Víctor; Bilbao, Itxarone; Rodríguez-Frías, Francisco; Jardí, Rosendo; Charco, Ramón; Guardia, Jaime; Esteban, Rafael

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Hepatobiliary laboratory abnormalities among patients with chronic or persistent immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)
Enger, Cheryl; Bennett, Dimitri; Dawson, Katie L; Aivado, Manuel A; Theodore, Dickens; McAfee, Andrew T

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Hypothermic preservation of rat liver microorgans (LMOs) in bes-gluconate solution. Protective effects of polyethyleneglycol (PEG) on total water content and functional viability
Mandolino, Cecilia; Pizarro, Ma Dolores; Quintana, Alejandra B; Rodríguez, Joaquín V; Mamprin, Ma Eugenia

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Aminoguanidine potentiates the hepatoprotective effect of silymarin in CCL4 treated rats
Fahmy Ahmed, Ahmed; Fouad Mahmoud, Mona; Arafat Ouf, Marwa; El-Fathaah, Eman Abd


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The liver is the key organ for the development of metabolic syndrome
Franco-Bourland, Rebecca E; Méndez-Sánchez, Nahum

Images in hepatology

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Focal nodular hyperplasia vs. hemangioma: Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings
Karahasanoglu, Ridvan; Otcu, Hafize; Selcuk, Tuba; Ucar, Adem; Kiris, Adem

Case Reports

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Identification of a novel mutation of MTP gene in a patient with abetalipoproteinemia
Najafi Sani, Mehri; Sabbaghian, Mozhgan; Mahjoob, Fatemeh; Cefalù, Angelo B; Averna, Maurizio R; Rezaei, Nima

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Uncommon localization of amyloidosis in gallbladder: Description of a case and brief literature review
Tirotta, Daniela; Durante, Vittorio

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Chronic HBV with pregnancy: Reactivation flare causing fulminant hepatic failure
Singhal, Ashish; Kanagala, Rajesh; Jalil, Sajid; Wright, Harlan I; Kohli, Vivek

Letters to the editor

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Levocetirizine induced hepatotoxicity in a patient with chronic urticaria
Ekiz, Fuat; Yüksel, Ilhami; Ekiz, Özlem; Coban, Sahin; Basar, Ömer; Yüksel,Osman

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Elevated acetaminophen level: Could it be a red herring?
Dale, Cheryl; Denesyk, Kathy L; Chandok, Natasha

Liver news elsewhere

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Changes in insulin sensitivity and body weight during and after peginterferon and ribavirin therapy for hepatitis C
Eslam, Mohammed; Aparcero, Reyes; Romero Gomez, Manuel

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