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January-Diciembre, 2001; Volume 9: Issue 1-4
Rev Mex Enf Cardiol 2001; 9 (1-4)



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Reflections of infirmary interest concerning for to publish
Maricela Cruz Corchado

Research works

[Full text - PDF]
External electric cardioversion in the electrophysiology laboratory (EPL) with transitory hospitalization system: An alternative modality
Mariana Baeza L, Ana María Cambón, Marisol Collinao R

[Full text - PDF]
The transcendence of Infirmary records in the clinical file
María de Lourdes Preciado López, Marlene Azucena Morales Castañeda, Gabriela Méndez Calixto, María Raquel Ramírez Nuñez, Verónica Sosa Gonzaga, María del Carmen Jiménez y Villegas

Subjects review: daily practice

[Full text - PDF]
Infirmary evaluation of the postoperative cardiovascular patient with the Virginia Henderson conceptual approach
Ma Carolina Ortega Vargas

[Full text - PDF]
Evidence-based practice infirmary
Laura Morán Peña

[Full text - PDF]
Pharmacological treatment of heart failure
Araceli Añorve Gallardo, Elvira Sánchez Reyes

Subjects review: proceeding

[Full text - PDF]
Cardiopulmonary bypass with deep hypothermia and circulatory arrest
Amalia Reyes Guevara, Beatriz González Vergara

[Full text - PDF]
Special handling for patients with anticoagulants
Nelly E Maldonado Ramírez

Speaking on...

[Full text - PDF]
Present situation of cardiology´s nursery
Maricela Cruz Corchado

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Enfermería Cardiológica >Year 2001
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