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October-Diciembre, 2005; Volume 4: Issue 4
Ann Hepatol 2005; 4 (4)


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Hepatology Highlights
Tiribelli, Claudio

Concise reviews

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Hereditary Hemochromatosis: Genetics, Pathogenesis, and Clinical Management
Jacob Alexander, Kowdley, Kris V

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The endocannabinoid system in chronic liver disease
Zamora-Valdes, Daniel, Ponciano-Rodríguez, Guadalupe, Chávez-Tapia, Norberto C, Méndez-Sánchez, Nahum

Original articles

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Autoimmune-type chronic active hepatitis in children. A report of 23 cases at a Hospital in Northwestern Mexico
Norberto Sotelo, Guillermo López

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Liver dysfunction in steady state sickle cell disease
Taiwo Kotila, Kayode Adedapo, Aduragbenro Adedapo, Olayiwola Oluwasola, Eyitayo Fakunle, Biobele Brown

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A new insight into the differences among non-cirrhotic and cirrhotic patients using the liver disease quality of life instrument (LDQOL)
María Cristina Dias Teixeira, Maria de Fátima Gomes de Sá Ribeiro, Strauss, Edna

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Surgical treatment of hydatid cyst of the liver: Drainage versus Omentoplasty
Seyed Reza Mousavi, Jalaluddin Khoshnevis, Pezhman Kharazm

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Performance of the serologic and molecular screening of blood donations for the hepatitis B and C viruses in a Mexican Transfusion Center
Chiquete, Erwin, Laura V Sánchez, Guadalupe Becerral, Ángeles Quintero, Montserrat Maldonado, Panduro, Arturo

[Full text - PDF]
Frequency of increased aminotransferases levels and associated metabolic abnormalities in obese and overweight children of an elementary school in Mexico City
Flores-Calderón, Judith, Gómez-Díaz, Rita A, Gabriela Rodríguez-Gómez, Moran-Villota, Segundo

Images in hepatology

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The rolling stone
Ariela Rauchwerger, Rivka Zissin, Fred M Konikoff

Case report

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Biliary stricture caused by portal biliopathy: Case report and literature review
Ignacio Guerrero Hernández, Mariana Weimersheimer Sandoval, Eric López Méndez, Jorge Hernández Calleros, Alberto Rubio Tapia, Uribe, Misael

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Letter to the Editor
Jesús Aguirre-García

Special notice

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An Acknowledgment

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