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July-August, 2006; Volume 53: Issue 4
Revista Alergia México 2006; 53 (4)


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Jesús Pérez Martín

Original articles

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Adjuvant effect of the Cry1Ac protoxin on cellular immunity when is coadministered with a good mucosal pathogen
Alain R Rodríguez Orozco

[Full text - PDF]
Meconium aspiration syndrome, parental atopy and asthma symptoms in children under two years old
Francisco Vázquez Nava, Eulalio Salas Ramírez, Héctor R Sánchez Núncio, Atenógenes H Saldivar González, Juan Beltrán Saldaña, David Cadena Mata, Pedro Pérez Rodríguez, Jesús Pérez Martín, Víctor Manuel Almeida, Guillermo Guidos Fogelbach

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Asthma in emergency department. Guidelines, physicians and patients
Mario Cavazos Galván

Review articles

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Allergic fungi: importance of the standardization of fungal extracts and their application on clinical practice
Ruiz Reyes, Héctor, Alain R Rodríguez Orozco

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When the cause of dyspnea is on larynx. Asthma of difficult control, resistant to treatment? Vocal cords dysfunction? or Both?
José Antonio Sacre Hazouri

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