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November-Diciembre, 2006; Volume 29: Issue 6
Salud Mental 2006; 29 (6)


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In Memoriam. Doctor de la Fuente
Heinze, Gerhard

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Perspective taking and theory of the mind: conceptual and empirical issues. A complementary and pragmatic proposal
María Jesús Martín García, Inmaculada Gómez-Becerra, Mapy Chávez-Brown, Douglas Greer

[Full text - PDF]
An empirical study of defense mechanisms in panic disorder
Enrique Chávez-León, María del Carmen Lara Muñoz, Martha Patricia Ontiveros Uribe

[Full text - PDF]
Rorschach and antisocial personality
Anneliese Dörr A, Sandra Viani B

[Full text - PDF]
Cry analisys of deaf and normal hearing zero-to two-year old childrens
Arch-Tirado, Emilio, Antonio Verduzco-Mendoza, Mario Mandujano Valdés, Carlos Alberto Reyes-García, Alfaro-Rodríguez, Alfonso, María del Carmen Sánchez, Carlos FabiánMartínez-Cruz, Verónica Taboada-Picazo

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Masking: a type of entrainment. Part one
Salazar-Juárez, Alberto, Leticia Parra-Gámez, Barbosa Méndez, Susana, Philippe Leff, Antón, Benito

[Full text - PDF]
Psychopathology and tobacco smoking by high school students
Ma del Carmen Lara Muñoz, Teresita Romero Ogawa, Héctor Foncerrada, Clementina Rebollo, Julián Aguilar Cortesano

[Full text - PDF]
Situations in which women living in a violent relationship condition refer to health care services
Híjar, Martha, Leticia Ávila-Burgos, Rosario Valdez-Santiago

[Full text - PDF]
Brief screening and diagnostic questionnaire for mental health problems in children and adolescents: reliability, standardization, and construct validity. Part one
Jorge Javier Caraveo y Anduaga

[Full text - PDF]
Transcultural comparison of Symptom Rating Test (SRT) in women coping with an addiction problem in the family
Jazmín Mora-Ríos, Guillermina Natera

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