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January-February, 2008; Volume 55: Issue 1
Revista Alergia México 2008; 55 (1)



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Systematic review and meta-analysis in biomedicine
Jesús Pérez Martín

Original articles

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Practice patterns in Mexican allergologists about skin tests with allergens during 2005- 2006
Désirée Larenas Linnemann, Guillermo Arturo Guidos Fogelbach, Alfredo Arias Cruz

Review articles

[Full text - PDF]
Contribution of hypoxia in pulmonary tissue remodeling in asthmatic processes
Guillermina J Baay Guzmán, Ángeles Hernández Cueto, Sara Huerta Yépez

[Full text - PDF]
Immunotherapy in Latin America. From the past to the future
Carlos E Baena Cagnani, Richard F Lockey, Giovanni Passalacqua, G Walter Canonica

[Full text - PDF]
Hyper IgE syndrome. Opportune diagnosis and management
Celia Vega Orozco, Luiana Hernández Velásquez, Segura Méndez, Nora Hilda, Bernardo Augusto Torres Salazar

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Letter to the editor

>Journals >Revista Alergia México >Year 2008
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