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January-February, 2009; Volume 56: Issue 1
Revista Alergia México 2009; 56 (1)


Original articles

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Biographical sketch of Dr. Med. Carlos Canseco González
José Ignacio Canseco

[Full text - PDF]
Acute asthma prevalence in children and teenagers from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
José Miguel A Aguilar Ríos, Verónica León Burgos, Manuel A Baeza Bacab

[Full text - PDF]
Budesonide (inhaled steroid) to children to control intermittent asthma
Hitzuri Ponce Castro, Susana Rodríguez Espino, Alain R Rodríguez Orozco

[Full text - PDF]
Assessment of in vitro immune response in a young population exposed to atmospheric contamination of Guadalajara
Miguel Angel Hernández Urzúa, Everardo Moreno Ramírez, Galina Zaitseva, Mary Fafutis Morris

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical competence for autoimmune and nonautoimmune rheumatic disorders in primary care
Carlos E Cabrera Pivaral, Teresita Yadira Gutiérrez González, Jorge Iván Gámez Nava, Arnulfo Nava, Alberto I Villa Manzano, Elba Luce González

Review articles

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AIDS and allergy, two tips of the same hank: immune system dysfunction
Magaly del P Olivares Elegia, Rosa M Naranjo Robalino, Zenia M Lazo González, Teresa Cuesta Velazco

>Journals >Revista Alergia México >Year 2009
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