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September-Diciembre, 2010; Volume 18: Issue 3
Rev Mex Enf Cardiol 2010; 18 (3)



[Full text - PDF]
Professionalization in Infirmary (Nursing) in Mexico. Part II
Severino Rubio Domínguez

Research works

[Full text - PDF]
Acute arterial ischemia in pediatric patients due to percutaneous cardiovascular procedure: incidence, causes and evolution
Nora Ivette Granados Luna, María Guadalupe Ávila Quiroz

[Full text - PDF]
Perception of hospitalized patients about the proper treatment given by nurses
Carolina Torres-Mora, Rivas-Espinosa, Juan Gabriel

[Full text - PDF]
Evaluation of vital signs quality as a process indicator in Infirmary Care Management
María Elena Fernández Jaimes, Rosa Amarilis Zárate Grajales, Jeannet Monserrat Ochoa Cervantes, María Teresa Ramírez Antonio


[Full text - PDF]
Nursing care directed at the person with aortic stenosis
Teniza ND, Domínguez BA, Puntunet BML

Case Study

[Full text - PDF]
Infirmary process in an adolescent presenting hallucinations due to 22q11 deletion syndrome
Adriana Mondragón Romero, Gabriela Macín García

Daily Practice: Proceeding

[Full text - PDF]
Slow continuous renal replacement therapies (CRRT)
Azyadet Parra Basurto, Nelly Flores Torres, Gabriela Michell Flores Barrientos, Ana Laura Marín Mejía

Speaking on...

[Full text - PDF]
"Keep on learning" program at a Hospital in the "Ignacio Chávez" National Institute of Cardiology (ICHNIC)
Norma Elia González Flores, Angelina Domínguez Bautista

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Enfermería Cardiológica >Year 2010
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