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November-Diciembre, 2008; Volume 62: Issue 6
Rev Sanid Milit Mex 2008; 62 (6)


Research articles

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Predicting the life after death: factors related to mortality in severe abdominal open trauma
García-Núñez, Luis Manuel, Jorge Antonio Macías-Millán, José Lauro Gilberto Delgado-Arámburo, Cabello-Pasini, Ruy, Olliver Núñez-Cantú, Enrique Soto-Ortega, José María Rivera-Cruz

[Full text - PDF]
Lower extremities lengthening with the Monotriax fixator
García-Pinto, Guillermo, Dr. David Segura-Espinosa, Dr. Jesús Alfonso Uscanga- Sánchez, Morfín-Padilla, Armando

[Full text - PDF]
Surgical correction of blepharoptosis
César Hernández-Navarro

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment effectiveness in 108 patients with facial fractures. A comparative study
Jorge Alberto Ochoa-Pell

Review article

[Full text - PDF]
Play in the child as part of their integral development. Rights and laws that protect them
Teresa Alma Urrutia-Padilla

Clinical case

[Full text - PDF]
Adrenocortical cancer
Luis Figueroa-Gallaga, Allan Legaspi-Sauter, José Refugio Medina-León

>Journals >Revista de Sanidad Militar >Year 2008
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