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January-February, 2014; Volume 28: Issue 1
Acta Ortop Mex 2014; 28 (1)



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Consejo Mexicano de Ortopedia y Traumatología, A.C.
Castellanos-González MA

Original Articles

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment and reconstruction of bone tumors of the with a rimag unconventional prosthesis
Linares-González, LM, Rico-Martínez, G, Domínguez-Hernández VM, Araujo-Monsalvo V, Delgado-Cedillo, EA, León-Hernández, SR

[Full text - PDF]
Intradiscal temperature variation resulting from radiofrequency thermal therapy. Cadaver study
Ramírez-León JF, Rugeles-Ortiz JG, Barreto-Perea JA, Alonso-Cuéllar GO

[Full text - PDF]
Achilles tendon plasty in inveterate lesions. Pérez Teuffer modified technique
Martínez-Estrada, JG, Martínez EF

[Full text - PDF]
Opening of the first web space in patients with multiple congenital arthrogryposis and adducted thumb with a dorsoradial index finger flap
Rodríguez-Ramos N, Capdevila-Leonori R, Nualart-Hernández L

[Full text - PDF]
Descriptive analysis of pelvic asymmetry in an asymptomatic population
Barbosa AC, Bonifácio DN, Lopes IP, Martins FLM, Barbosa MCSA, Barbosa AC

[Full text - PDF]
Functional repercussions of meniscal injuries on the postoperative physical athletic performance of athletes
Cristiani-Díaz G A, Delgado-Brambila HA

[Full text - PDF]
Results of surgical management in proximal partial tibia fractures
Barragán-Hervella RG, Pulido-Méndez LP, Hernández-López J, Montiel-Jarquín, AJ, Torres-González, R, García-Carrasco M, Mendoza-Pinto C, López-Colombo A

Clinical Cases

[Full text - PDF]
Gas embolism after the use of the CarboJet® lavage system during hip hemiarthroplasty: clinical case and literature review
Lax-Pérez R, Ferrero-Manzanal F, Marín-Peña O, Murcia-Asensio A

[Full text - PDF]
Forestier syndrome: case report and literature review
Quillo-Olvera J

[Full text - PDF]
Multiple fracture of the upper limb. Case report
López D, García-Germán D, Egea R

Update article

[Full text - PDF]
Bibliographic review and update on anterior cruciate ligament lesions
Ayala-Mejías JD, García-Estrada GA, Alcocer Pérez-España L

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