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May-August, 2014; Volume 10: Issue 2
Rev Mex Cir Bucal Max 2014; 10 (2)


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Unilateral sagittal segmental maxillary osteotomy. New technique for surgical implementation
Miranda Villasana, José Ernesto, Norith de Jesús Recendez Santillán, Dávila Cordero, Ulises, Miranda Cervantes, Ernesto

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Condylar hyperplasia: report of a case treated by orthognathic surgery and condylectomy
Picco Díaz, María Iliana, Sonia E Huerta Ayala, Vanessa Domínguez Luna, Lagunes López, Mario Alberto

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Knife blade as a facial foreign body. A case report
Manuel Brito Velásquez, Luciano Marrone, Nayehly Moreno, Jhonny Morantes

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Effectiveness of the stereolithographic model in predictive craniomaxillofacial surgery at the «General Ignacio Zaragoza» Regional Hospital ISSSTE. Research Report
Miranda Villasana, José Ernesto, Hiram Barajas Pérez, Miranda Cervantes, Ernesto

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Infiltration of autologous blood, a real option for the treatment of chronic recurrent dislocation of the temporomandibular joint
Ma Iliana Picco Díaz, Gabriela Wong Romo, Carlos Alberto Zarazúa González

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Wounds in the maxillofacial region represent one of the most important challenges in their treatment, not only because of the functional compromise of the structures that constitute the region but rather because of the aesthetic compromise of their repair
Norith de Jesús Recendez Santillán, Miranda Villasana, José Ernesto, Alfonso Uribe Campos

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Plunging ranula is defined as a pseudocyst of mucous extravasation into deep cervical planes, from the sublingual salivary gland. We describe a case of plunging ranula, the diagnosis and surgical technique.
Miranda Villasana, José Ernesto, Gabriela Wong Romo, Luis Vargas Chávez, Erick Carrillo Terán

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Cirugía Bucal y Maxilofacial >Year 2014
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