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Ninguno-, 2016; Volume 12: Issue 23
INFODIR 2016; 12 (23)



[Full text - PDF]
Science and technology in health institutions development
Sarduy Domínguez, Yanetsys

Original articles

[Full text - PDF]
Information management and knowledge. Tools for Cuban Public Health development
Vidal Ledo, María Josefina, Pujal Victoria, Nayra I, Castañeda Abascal, Ileana, Bayarre Vea, Hector

[Full text - PDF]
Inconsistencies between clinical assay and usual practice at drug surveillance
García Milián, Ana Julia, Alonso Carbonell, Liuba, Rodríguez-Ganen, Odalis

[Full text - PDF]
Organizational climate assessment at Gustavo Aldereguía Lima health complex, Cienfuegos, 2015
Segredo Pérez, Alina María, López Puig, Pedro

[Full text - PDF]
Improvement of comprehensive leadership of health managers and their substitutes in the Faculty of Nursing
Casin Soto, Yalina, Cebreco Almeira, María Eugenia, Cordoví Hernández, Valia Dalgis, Royuela Reyes, Carlos

[Full text - PDF]
Definitions and basic classifications for the study of healthcare costs
García Fariñas, Anaí, Marrero Araujo, Marta, Jiménez López, Giset, Gálvez González, Ana María, Hernández Crespo, Lidia, Reyes Jiménez, Alicia

[Full text - PDF]
Drug-epidemiology cuban strategy to ensure the patient’s safety
García Milián, Ana Julia, León Cabrera, Pablo , Alonso Carbonell, Liuba, Rodríguez-Ganen, Odalis

[Full text - PDF]
Collaborative work for health management. Virtual education learning
Muñoz Morejón, Madelayne, Vidal Ledo, María J

[Full text - PDF]
Twitter, social network. Strengths and weaknesses
Pérez Matar, Rodolfo, Paredes Esponda, Esther

[Full text - PDF]
Methodological guidelines for assessing health technologies
Toledo Fernández, Ana Margarita, Portuondo Sao, Miriam, Morales Suárez, Ileana del Rosario, Norabuena Canal, María Victoria, Mejías Sánchez, Yoerquis

[Full text - PDF]
Prioritizing in the field of health
Castillo Guzmán, Antonio

[Full text - PDF]
Political thought and political will in public health. Remembrance in the 90 Anniversary of our Commander
Arocha Mariño, Carmen

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