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January-June, 2004; Volume 8: Issue 1-2
Rev Odont Mex 2004; 8 (1-2)



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The Mexican Dental Journal at 100 years of the National Dental Teaching Clinic foundation
Claudia S de León Torres

Original works

[Full text - PDF]
Shear bond strength of polycristalline brackets with chemical adhesion and monocristalline brackets with mechanical adhesion: comparative study
Ignacio Ávalos Espinosa, Katagiri Katagiri, Mario, Guerrero Ibarra, Jorge

[Full text - PDF]
Dimensional changes comparative study of acrylic prosthetic denture bases processed by thermocuring and microwave methods
Judith M Soto Peña, Armando López Salgado

[Full text - PDF]
Craniofacial cephalometric values of the CENDI, UNAM preschool children
Lariza Flores Ydraac, Miguel Ángel Fernández Villavicencio, Erika Heredia Ponce

[Full text - PDF]
Mandibular molar root canals shape and diameter
Olivia Macías-Sánchez, Raúl Luis García-Aranda, Miguel Ángel Díaz-Maya

Case reports

[Full text - PDF]
Guided bone regeneration within an implant placement: Clinical case report
AA Hernández, MC López

[Full text - PDF]
Granular cell ameloblastoma: Clinical case report
Carlos Omar Rodríguez Hernández, Juan José Trujillo Fandiño

[Full text - PDF]
Oral rehabilitation using full bonded and composite resin crown in patients with hypohidrotic ectodermic dysplasia: one case report
Mónica Martínez Sánchez, Antonia Cadena Galdós

>Journals >Revista Odontológica Mexicana >Year 2004
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