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>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2008, Issue 6

Almanza-Pérez JC, Blancas-Flores G, García-Macedo R, Alarcón-Aguilar FJ, Cruza M
Leptina y su relación con la obesidad y la diabetes mellitus tipo 2. J
Gac Med Mex 2008; 144 (6)

Language: Español
References: 79
Page: 535-542
PDF: 118.92 Kb.

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The number of patients with metabolic disorders, obesity, type 2 diabetes and hypertension is increasing worldwide. The increase in body weight as a consequence of genetic, environmental, and nutritional factors contributes to these disorders, playing a significant role in their disease course. In 1994 the obesity gene (ob) which encodes a protein named leptin, considered an important molecule in regulation of body weight, was described. Body weight gain has been generally correlated with high plasma levels of leptin, generating a state of leptin-resistance. Because of its association with obesity, leptin has also been connected with type 2 diabetes and insulin-resistance, an essential characteristic of this disease. Leptin has also been linked with other disorders such as dyslipidaemia, and cardiovascular disease (conditions that together are known as metabolic syndrome), as well as cancer, psychological deficits, sexual dysfunction, etc. We describe some important biochemical and molecular aspects associate with the physiology of leptin, emphasizing the pathological consequences associated with obesity and diabetes.

Key words: Leptin, ob gen, adipokines, adipose tissue, obesity, diabetes.

>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2008, Issue 6
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