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>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Cirugía Bucal y Maxilofacial >Year 2009, Issue 2

Estrada ARB, Liceaga RR
Satisfaction grade in postoperative patients of orthognathic surgery
Rev Mex Cir Bucal Max 2009; 5 (2)

Language: Español
References: 16
Page: 47-51
PDF: 113.05 Kb.

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The intention to realize this study was to know the degree satisfaction that has the patients who have been taken part surgically of orthognathic surgery in the Juárez Hospital of Mexico in different post-operative stages, as well as to measure the acceptance degree before their as much familiar social surroundings as in the work, and since this has hit in its personality. It is clinical, descriptive, observational, and no experimental a study. The study was realized in 23 patients who operated of orthognathic surgery. The satisfaction degree that the patients had in average the surgery subsequent to was of 91.17%. The realized surgeries caused 78.25% of positive impact in the treatment towards the patient on the part of their family, and 70.65% of positive impact in their labor or scholastic surroundings. They acquired but confidence in itself in 89.12%. The patients improved their interpersonal relations in 68.47%. Was a high degree of post-operative satisfaction in patients submissive ortognatic surgery and the different stages from its recovery increase the satisfaction degree.

Key words: Orthognathic surgery, postsurgical.

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Cirugía Bucal y Maxilofacial >Year 2009, Issue 2
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