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Santana-Ríos Z, Fulda-Graue S, Pérez-Becerra R, Urdiales-Ortíz A, Merayo-Chalico C, Hernández-Castellanos V, Saavedra-Briones D, Sánchez-Turati G, Fernández-Noyola G, Ahumada-Tamayo S, Martínez Á, Camacho-Castro A, Muñoz-Ibarra E, García-Salcido F, Cantellano-Orozco M, Morales-Montor G, Pacheco-Gahbler C
Renal cell cancer staging: history, development, and present perspectives
Rev Mex Urol 2011; 71 (5)

Language: Español
References: 36
Page: 296-302
PDF: 311.95 Kb.

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The Tumor, (Regional) Lymph Nodes, and Distant Metastasis (TNM) system is a staging method based on studies with high levels of evidence. The first staging of renal cell cancer was carried out in 1958 and was based on anatomical characteristics and dissemination patterns. The first TNM system was published in 1974. Studies of renal cell cancer natural history have brought about advances enabling its classification. TNM revisions in 1997 and 2002 presented relevant changes in tumor size and vascular involvement. However, in the latest revision by the American Joint Committee on Cancer in 2010 there were new changes in regard to localized disease, vascular involvement, and thrombus level. Classification regarding the adrenal gland was modified and lymph node disease was simplified.
Objective: To present the historical development of the TNM system as well as its current classification in regard to renal cell cancer, along with studies supporting the new classification.
Methods: Publications referring to historical background and development of renal cancer cell staging were reviewed, as well as new studies supporting and proposing the use of the new TNM classification published by the American Joint Committee on Cancer in its 2010 seventh edition.
Discussion: This analysis shows the classification developments in relation to renal cell cancer behavior, as well as the changes that have been made up to the present date.
Conclusions: It is important to be familiar with the changes in the new TNM classification published by the American Joint Committee on Cancer in 2010, as well as with their development, and with the studies that support these changes, for the purpose of staging renal cell cancer and providing patient follow-up.

Key words: Renal cell cancer, staging, TNM, survival, Mexico.

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Urología >Year 2011, Issue 5
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