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>Journals >MediSan >Year 2013, Issue 12

Álvarez RJM, Soler CM, Guerra AE, García GY, Sánchez DL
Epidemiology of the early onset infections in the Neonatology Service of “Orlando Pantoja Tamayo” General Hospital
MediSan 2013; 17 (12)

Language: Español
References: 16
Page: 9052-9057
PDF: 40.12 Kb.

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A descriptive and cross sectional study of 48 newborns with infection of early onset, assisted in the Neonatology Service of "Orlando Pantoja Tamayo" Teaching General Hospital in Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba province, was carried out from January to July of 2012, with the objective of characterizing them according to some variables of interest for the investigation. The information was processed with the program SPSS, version 11.5 and the percentage was used as summary measure. In the series bronchopneumonia (91,6%), as well as vaginal infections, catheterism and the ventilation in all the members prevailed; it was also obtained that 60,4% of the organisms were isolated from blood culture and most turned out to be gramnegative organisms.

Key words: early onset infection, epidemiological factor, Neonatology Service, general hospital.

>Journals >MediSan >Year 2013, Issue 12
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