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Contreras-Omaña R, García-Samper MAX, Bernardo-Escudero R, Montaño-Estrada LF
Serum levels of Interleukin 15, nitric oxide and insulin in patients with chronic Hepatitis C infection
Rev Med MD 2013; 4.5 (2)

Language: Español
References: 18
Page: 60-65
PDF: 622.83 Kb.

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The present study analyzed blood samples from 55 chronic HCV infected patients from both sexes, with the aim of measuring serum levels of IL-15, Nitric Oxide and insulin, three molecules which are known to influence in a very important way t regulatory, immune and inflammatory pathways in the liver.
Once measurements were obtained, we proceeded to compare them with each other, searching to detect the presence or absence of a relationship between values. Our goal was to establish new possible physiopathological interactions that may lead to a better understanding of the disease.
As a result we obtained the following data: in most of the studied patients, the IL-15 levels were importantly diminished or absent, showing a significant relationship with the Nitric Oxide levels (p=0.003) in the bi-variable analysis. On the contrary, serum insulin levels were always found between normal values in almost all samples, and they didn´t show a significant relationship with any of the other two molecules either.
Considering all the previous data, we reached the conclusion that in the majority of patients chronically infected with HCV in this study, the almost undetectable levels of IL-15 may in part explain the viral evolution to chronicity, and on the other hand, regardless of the normal serum insulin levels there was no correlation with IL-15 values. Nitric Oxide levels did show a significant relationship with the presence or absence of this cytokine. This may suggest the presence of a significant physiopathological nexus between production and manifestation of both molecules, although more studies to precisely establish this association are still needed.

Key words: Hepatitis C, interleukin 15, nitric oxide, insulin, chronic liver damage.

>Journals >Revista Médica MD >Year 2013, Issue 2
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