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>Journals >Investigación en Discapacidad >Year 2014, Issue 1

Coronado-Zarco R, Cruz-Medina E, Macías-Hernández SI
Reflections about publishing in clinical research
Investigación en Discapacidad 2014; 3 (1)

Language: Español
References: 22
Page: 41-48
PDF: 197.18 Kb.

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Scientific research is an ongoing process whose ultimate goal is to present products derived there from. The publication of a scientific text concludes the laborious work and often proves to be the most complicated. No research project can be considered complete until it is broadcast or published. The present paper aims to show a series of reflections and tools to facilitate the realization of this laborious undertaking which accompany the researcher to walk this winding road.

Key words: Clinical research, scientific paper, scientific writing, publication.

>Journals >Investigación en Discapacidad >Year 2014, Issue 1
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