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>Journals >Dermatología Cosmética, Médica y Quirúrgica >Year 2015, Issue 1

Guerrero SEL, Fierro AL, Ponce ORM, Peniche CA
A Review of Skin Abrasion Techniques
Derma Cosmética y Quirúrgica 2015; 13 (1)

Language: Español
References: 38
Page: 66-71
PDF: 377.38 Kb.

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Dermabrasion is the mechanical removal of skin layers. It has become increasingly popular because it is a low-risk, minimal invasive technique that allows for shorter healing times and lower costs than other procedures.
This is a review of current skin abrasion techniques, including therapeutic indications as well as advantages and possible complications. It is important to know these procedures to provide patients with treatment options based on their condition and a meticuous case-by-case selection.

Key words: Dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, hydrodemabrasion, dermasanding, salabrasion, rotary surgical dermabrasion.

>Journals >Dermatología Cosmética, Médica y Quirúrgica >Year 2015, Issue 1
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