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>Journals >Revista Latinoamericana de Patología Clínica y Medicina de Laboratorio >Year 2015, Issue 4

Gallardo-Uribe I, González-Villanueva J, Medina-Torres AG, Arato-Hernández N, Anguiano-Sánchez N, Cázares-Tamez R, Díaz-Olachea C
Premedication: analysis of use and cost implications
Rev Latinoamer Patol Clin 2015; 62 (4)

Language: Español
References: 8
Page: 236-239
PDF: 217.29 Kb.

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Introduction: In transfusion medicine, premedication y a very common practice among physicians. There are a few studies about the economical impact of this practice, even when it is a very common practice and there is not a solid base to prescribe premedication. Objectives: To examine the frequency of transfusional reactions, using of premedication and the cost implications in a 3rd level hospital. Material and methods: A prospective, transversal and observational study where transfusion medicine data was analized from random patients from 2009 to 2011. Results: 927 transfusions in 631 patients were analized from November 2009 to June 2011, with a ratio blood components/patients of 1.46:1. From of all transfusions, just 7 presented a reaction (only 0.75%). The use of premedication was given 33% of patients. Given the unit cost, total cost of $ 56,860 pesos on 313 for 210 patients was obtained. Calculating the cost of approximately 4,386 patients per year, the amount for the hospital this practice would be $ 1’182,834 pesos only in medicine. Conclusions: It was found that by far the practice of premedication exceeds the frequency of transfusion reactions and premedication is performed on patients without history or risk factors to develop a reaction during transfusion.

Key words: Premedication, costs, transfusion reactions, blood transfusion.

>Journals >Revista Latinoamericana de Patología Clínica y Medicina de Laboratorio >Year 2015, Issue 4
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