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Carrillo-Pérez DL, Apodaca-Cháveza EI, Carrillo-Maravilla E, Mejía-Ávila M, Hernández-Oropeza JL, Reyes E, Atisha-Fregoso Y, Hernández-Molina G
Sarcoidosis: A Single Hospital-Based Study in a 24-Year Period
Rev Invest Clin 2015; 67 (1)

Language: Inglés
References: 31
Page: 33-38
PDF: 188.94 Kb.

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Background: Clinical presentation of sarcoidosis varies according to race and geographical area. We describe the clinical spectrum and outcome of sarcoidosis in Mexican patients compared with other populations. Methods: We reviewed the medical charts of 21 patients with sarcoidosis seen at a referral hospital in 1989-2012; organ involvement was assessed using the ACCESS instrument. We compared our results with the ACCESS and Latin American studies. We used descriptive statistics and reported odd ratios with 95% CI. Results and Conclusion: Fifty-two percent were women; median age was 31 years; median time to diagnosis, 5.5 months. Frequency of organ involvement was: constitutional symptoms 62%, lungs 66.6%, skin 42.8%, bone marrow 23.4%, lymph node 19%, liver 19%, and eye 19%. After one year of follow-up, 47.5% of patients were asymptomatic without treatment, 38% asymptomatic on treatment, and 14.2% symptomatic on treatment. In our patients, pulmonary involvement was lower (66.6 vs. 94.9%; p = 0.001) and cutaneous (42.8 vs.15.8%; p = 0.003) and bone marrow (23.4 vs. 4.7%; p = 0.001) were higher than in the ACCESS cohort. Data regarding Latin American populations was scarce. The clinical spectrum of sarcoidosis in our population differed from other studies, with a higher frequency of cutaneous sarcoidosis and less pulmonary involvement.

Key words: Sarcoidosis, Epidemiology, Mexico.

>Journals >Revista de Investigación Clínica >Year 2015, Issue 1
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