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Faes-Petersen R, Díaz-Girón-Gidi A, Velez-Pérez F, González-Chávez MA, Lemus R, Correa-Rovelo JM, Villegas-Tovar E
Overweight and obesity as a risk factor for postoperative complications in patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair, cholecystectomy and appendectomy
Med Sur 2016; 23 (1)

Language: Inglés
References: 40
Page: 28-33
PDF: 118.75 Kb.

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Introduction. Obesity is known to increase morbidity and mortality in the general population and therefore is perceived as a risk factor for adverse post-surgical results. There are few studies comparing postoperative morbidity and mortality in obese and non-obese patients. Objective. Characterize the incidence, clinical profile, post-operative complications in patients with overweight and obesity at Medica Sur Foundation and Clinic. Material and methods. Retrospective, observational, descriptive study at Medica Sur Clinic and Foundation. We reviewed the files of patients undergoing laparoscopic or open inguinal hernia repair, appendectomy, and cholecystectomy, between January 2013 to December 2014. Patients were classified according to the body mass index. Bivariate analysis and logistic regression were performed. Results. We reviewed 1430 cases, resulting in 757 (53%) obese or overweight patients. Seven (1%) patients with normal weight had some type of complication meanwhile 37 (5%) patients in the overweight group had some complication: 17 surgical infection site, 10 wound dehiscence and 10 pulmonary complications. BMI › 34 kg/m2 (OR 2.35, IC 95% 1.04-5.30, p = 0.001) was associated with higher risk of postoperative complications. When compared open vs. laparoscopic technique, open resulted in 22 (60%) complications and laparoscopic in 15 (40%), with no significant differences. Conclusions. These results suggest that obese patients have higher levels of postoperative complications. Larger prospective studies are needed to clarify the association between obesity and postoperative complications.

Key words: Overweight, Obesity, Appendectomy, Cholecystectomy, Hernia, Inguinal.

>Journals >Médica Sur >Year 2016, Issue 1
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