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>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Cirugía Bucal y Maxilofacial >Year 2017, Issue 1

Dueñas GR, Cárdenas ONP, Muñoz GTL
Changes in pulse oximetry in patients with third molar surgery
Rev Mex Cir Bucal Max 2017; 13 (1)

Language: Español
References: 10
Page: 25-28
PDF: 147.65 Kb.

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Objective: To know the changes in pulse oximetry patients undergoing third molar surgery. Material and methods: Observational, descriptive, longitudinal and prospective study in 30 patients requiring surgical excision of lower third molars in the Surgery Clinic of the Department of Comprehensive Dental Clinics of the University Center of Health Sciences (CUCS) Guadalajara University. Consecutively selected 24 females and 6 males. The pulse oximetry was recorded before, during and after surgery. Results: Six desaturation events were presented; eight patients showed alterations in heart rate. In the test of Wilcoxon signed ranks statistical significant importance was observed. Although no consideration events typical of a medical emergency surgical field were presented. Pulse oximetry is effective for early detection of desaturation events and unusual cardiac activity. Conclusion: Pulse oximetry is an effective means for early detection of hypoxemia events or unusual activity of the heart rate.

Key words: Heart rate, oxygen saturation, pulse oximetry.

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Cirugía Bucal y Maxilofacial >Year 2017, Issue 1
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