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Gaytán-Melicoff JA, Baca-Lozada O, Velasco-Ramos R, Viggiano-Austria D
Comparison of autologous serum, olopatadine hydrochloride and ketotifen fumarate in the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis.
Rev Mex Oftalmol 2005; 79 (1)

Language: Español
References: 12
Page: 25-31
PDF: 125.33 Kb.

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Purpose: To describe the effectiveness of the autologous serum in the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis compared with previous treatments.
Methods: A prospective, comparative, longitudinal and controlled blind study was carried out. Inclusion criteria: 3 years of age or more, chronic or acute symptoms, no previous treatment (3 months). Non-inclusion criteria: other ocular diseases, HIV+ or hepatitis B-C +.
Autologous serum (20%) was prepared. One month treatment with solution «A» (autologous serum) 1drop every 2 hours, was given in one eye, and solution «B» (Olopatadine) or solution «C» (Ketotifen) 1 drop bid, in the other eye. Signs and symptoms were scored after 2 weeks and 1 month.
Results: 20 eyes of 10 patients were studied, mean age 12.4 years. Mean overall symptoms score: 5.25 points before treatment with improvement to a score of 0.7 points; and mean overall signs score: 5 points with improvement to a score of 3.7 points, both after one month treatment. No adverse reactions.
Conclusions: Autologous serum has a very similar effect in resolving symptoms as previous established treatments. Two IgE an IgG dependent theories could be described, thus further investigations are needed to determine the exact mechanism of action, and serum concentrations.

Key words: Autologous serum, allergic conjunctivitis, olopatadine, ketotifen.

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Oftalmología >Year 2005, Issue 1
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