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Contreras PJM, Mirabal DJM, Fong ZGL, Machado CMD, de la Hoz RL, Cobo LMR
Virtual visit to the Dentistry Faculty: its pertinence in career professional orientation
EduMeCentro 2017; 9 (3)

Language: Español
References: 12
Page: 232-247
PDF: 140.22 Kb.

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Background: professional orientation through audiovisual media is a novel and effective strategy to motivate students in the enrollment to the Dentistry career.
Objective: to assess the pertinence of the audiovisual Virtual visit to the Dentistry Faculty, aimed at first year students and aspirants to the career, according to the criteria of specialists and users.
Methods: a descriptive research was carried out at Villa Clara University of Medical Sciences Dentistry Faculty. For this purpose theoretical methods were used: analysis-synthesis, historical-logical and inductive-deductive; and empirical ones: the survey in questionnaire form and an interview was applied to students. The users and specialists´ criteria was used for the assessment of the product.
Results: among the motivating causes of the students to opt for the career predominated the collaboration with other countries; In terms of the criteria adopted on Dentistry: the first year students had the greatest success, because of their participation in the introductory course; With regard to the ways in which they received professional orientation, the massive attendance to the opened doors by the aspirants and the low participation in vocational training activities by both groups stand out; For which an audiovisual teaching aid was elaborated which was valued by specialists and users.
Conclusions: the teaching aid was valued as relevant by the dynamism of its sequences, the visual effects, the balance between the dialogues and its youthful air; all of which makes it suitable for career professional orientation.

Key words: audiovisual aids, vocational guidance, students dental, medical education.

>Journals >Revista Educación Médica del Centro >Year 2017, Issue 3
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