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>Journals >Salud Pública de México >Year 2017, Issue 6

Shamah-Levy T, Cuevas-Nasu L, Gómez-Acosta LM, Morales-Ruan MC, Méndez Gómez-Humarán I, Robles-Villaseñor MN, Hernández-Ávila M
Effects of SaludArte program in feeding and nutrition components in school children in Mexico City
salud publica mex 2017; 59 (6)

Language: Español
References: 48
Page: 621-629
PDF: 237.76 Kb.

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Objective. To assess the effect of Education in Nutrition and Food Assistance components of the SaludArte program in participant schools during 2013-2015. Materials and methods. A three cohort comparative study was used, with two type of follow-up panel structures: a complete panel and a continuous time, with a total of consisting on 1620 scholar children from 144 schools. Information on food intake, feeding behaviors, food preservation and hygiene, physical activity (PI) and anthropometry was registered. To stablish effect estimates, a difference in difference method combined with propensity score matching was carried out; as an alternative procedure, logistic-multinomial and logistic regression models were also used. Results. Program attributable estimated effects were as follows: an increase in personal hygiene (p=0.045), increase in nutrition knowledges (p=0.003), PI (p=0.002 2013-2014; p=0.032 2015) and increase in fiber Intake (p=0.064). Sugar intake, contrary to the expected showed a significant increase (p=0.012 continuous time and;p=0.037 complete time). Conclusions. SaludArte shows positive effects over some components as expected. However in order to institutionalize the SaludArte program, it is necessary to consider these learned lessons, give it permanence and impulse it in the schools.

Key words: schools, pediatric obesity, program evaluation, food consumption, exercise, Mexico.

>Journals >Salud Pública de México >Year 2017, Issue 6
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