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>Journals >Revista Médica del Hospital General de México >Year 2006, Issue 3

Viruette-Pontigo D, Olivares-Montano AK, Alonso de RP, Romero-Guadarrama M
Evaluation of the diagnostic certainty of fine-needle aspiration biopsy of the lymph nodes
Rev Med Hosp Gen Mex 2006; 69 (3)

Language: Español
References: 26
Page: 131-137
PDF: 165.56 Kb.

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Objective: The fine-needle aspiration biopsy is of usefulness in the diagnostic and opportune management of the lymphanopathy. Practically any complementary study (immunophenotyping and flow cytometry) can be performed in the material obtained. This work evaluates the sensibility, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and diagnostic certainty of the BAAF of the lymph nodes taking as the gold standard the biopsy. Material and methods: The samples were obtained from the reports of cytology and histology of patients who were performed BAAF and excisional biopsies of the lymph nodes, within a 5 years period. The retrospective revision was performed by an expert in lymphatic pathology. Results: 1750 aspirations of the lymph nodes were received of which171 (9.77%). The evaluation was performed in 111 cases. The BAAF from the nodes obtained a sensibility of 73.7%, specificity of 96.7%, a positive predictive value of 98.3%, a negative predictive value of 58.8% and diagnostic certainty of 80%. Conclusions: The diagnosis should be alone in an integral manner with the clinical and cytological findings and the complementary studies. The BAAF has a high specificity in recurrent lymphomas and secondary neoplasm’s. The evaluation and sub classification of the lymphomas require and expert in the matter.

Key words: Lymph node, fine-needle aspiration biopsy, Hodgkin lymphoma, no Hodgkin lymphoma.

>Journals >Revista Médica del Hospital General de México >Year 2006, Issue 3
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