Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Linares-González LM, Rico-Martínez G, Domínguez-Hernández VM, Araujo-Monsalvo V, Delgado-Cedillo EA, León-Hernández SR
Treatment and reconstruction of bone tumors of the with a rimag unconventional prosthesis
Acta Ortop Mex 2014; 28 (1)

Language: Español
References: 19
Page: 3-11
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Introduction: Conservative surgery and reconstruction with an unconventional prosthesis are indicated for tumors of the humerus without neurovascular compromise, as they help preserve shoulder, elbow and hand function. The humerus is the third most frequent site of benign, aggressive, malignant and metastatic tumors that cause functional limitation or limb loss. Material: Patients with a bone tumor of the humerus without neurovascular involvement that met the inclusion criteria. Unconventional, uncemented RIMAG prosthesis with diaphyseal fit and locking bolts. Methods: 39 patients with intraarticular type I tumors according to the Malawer and Enneking classification were treated with tumor resection and reconstruction with an unconventional prosthesis and soft tissues. Results: Patients enrolled included 18 females and 21 males ages 12-72 years with tumors such as: giant cell tumors (14), osteosarcomas (7), metastasis (7), chondrosarcomas (6), Ewing’s sarcomas (2), chondroblastoma (2) and aneurysmatic bone cyst (1). Twelve patients died due to systemic disease and the remaining patients survived. Surgical margins were broad, with humeral resection between 100 and 230 mm. Functional results were assessed according to the Muscoloskeletal Tumor Society score as 13 excellent, 16 good, 5 failures and 5 poor. Discussion: The resection level does not restrict the placement of this prosthesis, which permits future revisions. An appropriate result depends on the resection size and the preserved shoulder musculature and it is not limited by the size of resection, thus improving patients’ disability.

Key words: neoplasms, bone, tibia, elbow, prosthesis, humerus, giant cell tumor of bone, osteosarcoma, metastasis, chondrosarcoma, chondroblastoma, bone cysts.