Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Espinosa VA, Fernández FM, Villalobos GE, Liberato GI, León GV
Synovial ganglion in the cruciate ligaments of the knee. A report of three cases and literature review
Acta Ortop Mex 2002; 16 (2)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 90-95
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Objective. The communication of three patients who had a ganglion in the cruciate ligaments of the knee is the purpose of this review, since such a localization for a synovial cyst is rather uncommon. Material and methods. Present series includes three male cases of a ganglion in the cruciate ligaments, which can be justified as a small series, in regard to their low frequence in those structures. Patients’ age were 28, 38 and 51 years. Clinical picture consisted on pain, pseudo-blocking, heavyness sensation and false movements of the knee. However, capsular and ligament stability was present in all cases and meniscal examination was otherwise normal. MRI demonstrated the presence of a ganglion in the anterior cruciate ligament in 2 cases and one in the posterior cruciate ligament. Treatment consisted in evacuation and shaving resection by arthroscopy in all three cases with no complications. Results. After a follow-up of 24 months, patients were free of symptoms as all of them were spending complete normal daily and sports activities. Conclusion. MRI is considered an obligated diagnostic procedure when a poorly defined painful clinical picture in the knee is present. Population frequency and ethiology of synovial cysts in cruciate ligaments of the knee still require further investigation.

Key words: knee, ganglion, cyst, arthroscopy, anterior cruciate ligament.