Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Gómez-Canedo JM
Acute rupture of the tibialis anterior tendon
Acta Ortop Mex 2017; 31 (5)

Language: Español
References: 17
Page: 252-256
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Tibialis anterior tendon rupture is a relatively rare injury, with diverse etiologies, that can cause significant deficits in the functionality of the ankle. These injuries are sometimes diagnosed too late, being in many occasions the alteration in walking the symptom that makes the patient go to the doctor. The six weeks will mark the limit between acute and chronic injury, requiring different therapeutic approaches, along with other parameters such as age, functional demand or concomitant pathologies. Objective: To present two cases of acute rupture, with different etiology, the surgical technique used and the final results. Material and methods: We present two cases of acute rupture of the tibialis anterior tendon in the critical hipovascular area, a male and a female, with posttraumatic and spontaneous etiology, respectively, in which tendon reinsertion was performed on the tarsal scaphoid with a biothenodesis screw, followed by immobilization with permission to walk at three weeks and subsequent physiotherapy. Results: In both cases a satisfactory final functional result was obtained, with a significant improvement in the AOFAS score, returning to their work and sports activities at 3 and 4 months of surgery respectively, with a follow-up of 7.5 years and 10 months. Discussion: This technique, within the variety described in the medical literature, has provided us excellent results, restoring the functionality of the anterior tibialis tendon and being reproducible for its simplicity, providing a high degree of safety when performing an early physiotherapy.

Key words: Tibialis anterior tendon, acute rupture.