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January-Diciembre, 2007; Volume 9: Issue 1
Rev Mex Ortop Ped 2007; 9 (1)


Editorial letter

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History of the Mexican Society of Pediatric Orthopedics
Nelson Cassis, Armando Torres

Original works

[Full text - PDF]
Epidemiological aspects of bilateral presentation of the slipped capital femoral epiphysis
R Angélica Luna Rodríguez, Alberto Harfush Nasser, Torres Gómez, Armando

[Full text - PDF]
Supracondylar fractures in children, surgical treatment
Miguel Olalde H, Lauro Viveros A, Saúl Castro J, Manuel Ávila F, Jaime Milán N, Víctor Gómez, Raúl Molinero

[Full text - PDF]
Risk of developing cubitus varus after supracondylar humeral fractures in children
Castañeda Leeder, Pablo, Jorge Aziz Jacobo, Jaim Atri Levi

[Full text - PDF]
Utilization of lower limb prosthetics. Mid-term follow-up of an amputated population in pediatric age
Pedro Jorba, Felipe Haces

Clinical cases

[Full text - PDF]
Isolated cuboid fractures in children. A case report and literature review
Miguel Olalde H, Lauro Viveros A, Jaime Milán N, Jorge Huacuz, Andrés García

[Full text - PDF]
Haemophilic pseudotumor. A case report
José Cortés Gómez

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Ortopedia Pediátrica >Year 2007

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