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July-September, 2006; Volume 17: Issue 3
Rev Biomed 2006; 17 (3)



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Revista Biomédica: Beginning and end of an editorial cycle
Renán A Góngora-Biachi

Original articles

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Knowledge and risk perception about AIDS among high school students in a public university of Yucatan, Mexico: a quantitave-qualitative approach
Ligia Vera-Gamboa, Francisco Sánchez-Magallón, Renán A Góngora-Biachi

[Full text - PDF]
Pneumocysti jiroveci in hospital centers of Bolívar State, Venezuela
Julman R Cermeño, Isabel Hernández de Cuesta, Franeggy Alcalá, Marina Áppice

[Full text - PDF]
Management of the acute migraine episode with sumatriptan vs. metoclopramide
Salazar-Zúñiga, Abelardo, Alfonso Garfias-Arvizu

[Full text - PDF]
Comparative toxicological evaluation of two pharmaceutical products containing iron
Abril Martínez de los Ríos, Adriana Sandoval, Alejandra Domínguez, Raúl González, Elisa Aznar, Jorge Reyes-Esparza, Rodríguez-Fragoso, Lourdes


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Treatment of chronic liver disease induced by the hepatitis C virus: Molecular and cellular bases
Angel León-Buitimea, Alfonso Leija-Salas, Germán Garrido-Fariña, Jorge Reyes-Esparza, Rodríguez-Fragoso, Lourdes

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Update on the diagnosis and treatment of isovaleric acidemia.
Ivonne Martín-Hernández

History of medicine

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History of multiple myeloma
José C Díaz-Maqueo

Letters to the editor

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Diagnosis of Blastocystis hominis: Poor performance of the formol-ether concentration and spontaneous sedimentation methods
Rodolfo Devera, Ytalia Blanco, Ixora Requena, Virma Velásquez

[Full text - PDF]
Smoking and its effect on individual freedom
Jesús Quintanilla-Osorio

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