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September-October, 2003; Volume 17: Issue 5
Acta Ortop Mex 2003; 17 (5)


Original Articles

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Percutaneous cervical arthrodesis. Original technique
Braulio Hernández Carbajal

[Full text - PDF]
Classification and management of the lesions to level of neck for mechanism of whiplash
Fernando Ramos Morales, Félix Gil Orbezo, Cesáreo Trueba Davalillo

[Full text - PDF]
Early surgery vs late one in acute-traumatic cervical spine lesion
Juan Manuel Lira Romero, Cipriano Hernández Rosas, Marco Antonio Aguilar-Águila Martínez

[Full text - PDF]
Efficacy of the double approach in Scheuermann's disease. Clinical cases report
Gilberto Agustín González-Trevizo, Rafael Mota-Bolfeta, Romero-Leguizamo, Hortensia

[Full text - PDF]
Intra-articular lidocaine vs intravenous sedation as analgesic method for reduction of the shoulder dislocation
Cesáreo Trueba Davalillo, Alfredo Pozzo Bobarín, Félix Gil Orbezo

[Full text - PDF]
Arthroscopic lateral retinaculum release.Is important the drainage tube postoperatively?
Carlos González Maza, Santiago Bruno Villalobos, Enrique Quiroz Magaña, José Gómez Montero, José Luis Lemarroy de la Torre

[Full text - PDF]
Adaptation of the localization of distal holes (DAD) at the universal tibial nail, for interlocking nails without images intensifier
Benjamín Joel Torres Fernández

[Full text - PDF]
Comparative study between surgical treatment vs conservative in the chronical instability of the ankle
J.A. Romero-Cruz, C.U. Ramírez-Salgado, E. de la Cruz-Honorato, R. Acosta Rosales

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence of complications in diabetic patients with surgically treated ankle fracture luxation
Lester Santiago León-Medrano, Tulio Horacio Makozzay-Pichardo, Guillermo Redondo-Aquino, María Elena Bueno-Olmos

[Full text - PDF]
Achilles tendon: Incidence and experience in its management
Humberto Delgado Brambila, Gerardo Cristiani Díaz, Eduardo Aspe Manzo

>Journals >Acta Ortopédica Mexicana >Year 2003

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