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October-Diciembre, 2007; Volume 27: Issue 4
Enf Infec Microbiol 2007; 27 (4)


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Ma del Carmen Martínez García

Original articles

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Neonatal candidiasis at Instituto Nacional de Perinatología in a five years period
Jesús Reyna Figueroa, Aldo Fragoso Díaz, Ortiz Ibarra, Federico Javier, Diana Soriano Becerril, Guadalupe Bermúdez, Noemí Plazola Camacho

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Identification of three virulence factors in E coli strains isolated from humans
Edith Chávez Bravo, Maria Del Rayo García Varillas, Fabiola Avelino Flores, Constantino Gil Juárez, Elsa I Castañeda Roldan

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In vitro antimicrobial activity of tigecycline against some clinically relevant Gram-positive and Gram-negative species isolated in Mexico
Elvira Garza González, Bosques Padilla, Francisco Javier, Gloria María González, Fernando Quintanilla Vargas, Jorge Llanca Díaz


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Importance of environmental sanitation and disinfection and sterilization process for prevention and control of nosocomial infections in intensive care units, dialysis and hemodialysis units and surgical areas. Critical discussion and recommendations for
Frías Salcedo, José Antonio, Juan Arcos López

Clinical case

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Cat scrath disease. Clinical Case
Edgar Cruz García, José Tomás Hernández Méndez, Leoncio Perregrino Bejarano

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