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January-February, 2013; Volume 41: Issue 1
Med Cutan Iber Lat Am 2013; 41 (1)



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CILAD: an international institution wich takes in consideration its history, confirm its present and projects its future
Gatti, Carlos Fernando

Original articles

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Prospective study of hyperpigmentation of the genital area in Spanish newborns: frequency and predisposing factors
B Monteagudo, J Labandeira, E León-Muiños, R Romarís, M Cabanillas, A Ramírez-Santos, R Fernández-Prieto, J Toribio

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Trends in banal dermatologic request in the are of Baix Llobregat, Barcelona
J Graells, RM Ojeda, J Notario, I Gallego

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Preliminary study on the use of Tzanck’s test for margin control in the surgery of well-dermarcated basad cell carcinomas
RE Alas-Carbajal, L Fierro-Arias, P Mercadillo-Pérez, A Peniche-Castellanos

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Treatment of alopecias of male and female patterns. Clinical efficacy of aminexil and SP94 in two surveys of 180 patients, men and women
FM Camacho, F Camacho-Serrano, JC Moreno Giménez, M J García Hernánez, J Polo Padillo, M Perea Cejudo, M I Coronel

Case reports

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Papular purpuric syndrome glove and sock associated with Parvovirus B19 infection
M I Soriano-Hernández, J Orgaz-Molina, H Husein-Elhamed, M A Fernández-Pugnaire, R Naranjo-Sintes

[Full text - PDF]
Reticular hemangioma of the lower extremity associated with congenital structural anomalies: therapeutic approach
P Morais, S Magina, A Reis, H Pinto, J Amil Dias, M Rodrigues, G Silva, F Azevedo, H Guimarães

Short reports

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Reticulate Dohi’s acropigmentation and its diferential diagnosis
M Antunes de Castro, M Ianhez, L Rodrigues Teixeira e Silva, M Barcelos Costa

Letters to the director

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Prurigo socbies. An effective treatment
M Zanini

>Journals >Medicina Cutánea Ibero-Latino-Americana >Year 2013

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