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May-June, 2016; Volume 14: Issue 3
Medisur 2016; 14 (3)


Letters to Director

[Full text - PDF]
How to increase the citation rates of cuban biomedical journals?
Miguel Soca, Pedro Enrique

[Full text - PDF]
Acientific research. A reflection
Corona Lisboa, José

[Full text - PDF]
The importance of knowing about onychocryptosis
López Rodríguez, Denislaydy, Terry Calderón, Miriam Juliana

[Full text - PDF]
Is there redundancy in scientific publications?
García Tamayo, Renán

[Full text - PDF]
Cuban medical journals in the face of new challenges
Dorta Contreras, Alberto Juan

[Full text - PDF]
Developing a culture of publication through education and encouragement to improve scientific papers in cuban journals
Dorta Contreras, Alberto Juan

Special Articles

[Full text - PDF]
Antonio Modesto Leal Catalá: a doctor from Cienfuegos who worked for love and progress
Sueiro Rodríguez, Victoria María

[Full text - PDF]
The syndrome of No One Knows What the Patient Has
Espinosa Brito, Alfredo Darío

Original Articles

[Full text - PDF]
Cardiovascular hyperreactivity as a predictor of hypertension in women
León Regal, Milagros Lisset, Benet Rodríguez, Mikhail, Mass Sosa, Luis Alberto, Willians Serrano, Sandra, González Otero, Lázaro Hermes, León Valdés, Alain

[Full text - PDF]
Service quality in the Iglesias neighborhood pharmacy in Matanzas according to users’ perception
Bofill Placeres, Arturo, López Fernández, Raúl, Murguido Santiesteban, Yadira

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical characteristics and pharmacological treatment of psychotic patients attending the Mental Health Services of the Pediatric Hospital of Cienfuegos
Sabina Roméu, Beatriz, Sarmiento González, Daimí, Alzuri Falcato, Mario Isaías, Leyva Madrigales, Anais

[Full text - PDF]
Characterization of pregnant women treated at the Center for Assisted Reproduction
León Díaz, Linett, Reyes Pérez, Aimé María, Rojas Quintana, Práxedes, Reyes Pérez, Aida María, Chávez González, Neysi Matilde

Literature review

[Full text - PDF]
Notes on aging of the stomatognathic system. A literature review
Cabo García, Rogelio, Grau León, Ileana Bárbara, Lorenzo Uribazo, Adriana Margarita

[Full text - PDF]
Immune response to Ebola virus infection
Alonso Remedios, Alain, Pérez Cutiño, Maité, Pardo Martínez, Daynelis, Piloto Orraca, Yasmina, Ojeda Martínez, Blayser, Casenave-Cambet Ramírez, Randy

[Full text - PDF]
Interdisciplinarity: a current need to improve the teaching-learning process
Llano Arana, Lizgrace, Gutiérrez Escobar, Míriam, Stable Rodríguez, Addys, Núñez Martínez, María Cristina, Masó Rivero, Rosa María, Rojas Rivero, Bárbara

Case report

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of a fracture-dislocation of the ankle using RALCA® External Fixator
Truffin Rodríguez, Yaniel, Requeiro Molina, José Julio, Gerardo Águila Tejeda

Brief report

[Full text - PDF]
Dental and maxillofacial abnormalities in children with premature loss of primary canines
Morera Pérez, Amarelys, Ríos Paz, Yuneis, Villa Fernández, Diana M, Cobas, Arletys


[Full text - PDF]
On the world sickle cell day: achivements and challenges
Fernández Águila, Julio Dámaso

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