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January-February, 2018; Volume 61: Issue 1
Rev Fac Med UNAM 2018; 61 (1)



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To dream that I’m dreaming, because I dream of dreaming
Fortoul van der Goes, Teresa I

Review article

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Sleep disorders: what are they and what are their consequences?
Carrillo-Mora, Paul, Barajas-Martínez, Karina Gabriela, Sánchez-Vázquez, Itzel, Rangel-Caballero, María Fernanda

Clinical cases

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Obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome and benzodiazepine consumption in older adults
Barrera Medina, Andrés

[Full text - PDF]
Devic’s disease. A case report and literature review
Medina Rioja, Raúl, Sánchez Jordán, Armando, Bertado Cortes, Brenda, Martínez Cortes, Carlos Eduardo, Martínez Marino, Manuel

Returning to the already visited paths

[Full text - PDF]
Alterations of sleep in older adults
D’Hyver de las Desesa, Carlos

[Full text - PDF]
Dendritic spines, its function and some alterations
Valencia Segura, Raida K, Colín Barenque, Laura, Fortoul van der Goes, Teresa I

Medicine and Art

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And dreams, ¿are they dreams?
Fortoul van der Goes, Teresa I

Letter to the editor

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Regarding the clinical case titled "Rapidly progressive renal injury as a manifestation of acute tubular necrosis with an uncertain origin in a marathonist: A differential diagnosis is not always simple"
Arriaga Morales, Ernesto

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