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May-August, 2018; Volume 20: Issue 2
Odovtos-Int J Dent Sc 2018; 20 (2)


New Perspectives Article

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Can Biological Markers Partially Explain the Link Between the Social Environment and Oral Health?
Barboza Solís, Cristina

Case reports

[Full text - PDF]
Rehabilitating Form, Function and Natural Aesthetics with Onlay Ceramic IPS Empress Esthetic®: Evidence and Versatility
Ramírez Barrantes, Juan Carlos

[Full text - PDF]
Quick Correction of a Skeletal Class III Maloclussion in Primary Dentition with Face Mask Plus Rapid Maxillary Expansion Therapy
Bedolla-Gaxiola, Hilda Alejandra, Garrigós-Esparza, David, Hernández-Cabanillas, Juan Carlos, Rosales-Berber, Miguel Ángel, Pozos-Guillén, Amaury, Garrocho-Rangel, José Arturo

Literature review

[Full text - PDF]
Retreatment Efficacy of Endodontic Bioceramic Sealers: A Review of the Literature
Kakoura, Flora, Pantelidou, Ourania

[Full text - PDF]
Elastosis in Actinic Cheilitis. Literature Review
Boza Oreamuno, Yadira V, Rojas, Isolde G

[Full text - PDF]
Peripheral Osteoma of Mandibular Angulus: Analysis of the Literature and Report of a New Case
Ozturk, Hasan, Torul, Damla, Yuceer, Ezgi, Karli, Rifat, Baris, Sancar

Basic research

[Full text - PDF]
Antibacterial Activity of Homeopathic Medications Lycopodium clavatum and Arsenicum album Against Periodontal Bacteria
Almaguer-Flores, Argelia, González-Alva, Patricia

[Full text - PDF]
Chemical and Microscopy Characterization of Trans-Endodontic Implants
Larios-Cervantes, Alexis, Aguilera-Galaviz, Luis, Flores Reyes, Héctor, Baltazar Hernández, Víctor Hugo, Rodríguez, Crescencio, Gaitán-Fonseca, César

Clinical research

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence and Severity of Plaque-Induced Gingivitis in Three Latin American Cities: Mexico City-Mexico, Great Metropolitan Area-Costa Rica and Bogota-Colombia
Murillo, Gina, Vargas, Maria Alejandra, Castillo, Jacqueline, Serrano, Juan Jaime, Ramirez, Gloria Marcela, Viales, Jose Humberto, Benitez, Carlos Guillermo

[Full text - PDF]
Differences by Resistotyping Between C. albicans Strains Isolated from the Oral Cavity of HIV+ and Seronegative Patients
Rueda-Gordillo, Florencio, Hernández-Solís, Sandra Elena, Gaitán-Cepeda, Luis Alberto, Sánchez-Vargas,Luis Octavio, Lama-González, Esperanza Mercedes, Rodríguez-Fernández, María del Sagrado Corazón

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms of the Hand Among Dental Students
Sánchez Marín, Carlos Gonzalo, Liñán Fernández, María del Socorro Maribel

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