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January-February, 2011; Volume 79: Issue 1
Cir Cir 2011; 79 (1)



[Full text - PDF]
Overview of surgical education in the 21st century
Alejandro Reyes-Fuentes

General information

[Full text - PDF]
Pedagogic implementation in medical education
Carlos Lavalle-Montalvo, Leyva- González, Félix Arturo

[Full text - PDF]
The role of minimal invasive surgery in the surgical education
José Antonio Carrasco-Rojas, Alberto Chousleb-Kalach, Samuel Shuchleib-Chaba

[Full text - PDF]
Evolution of surgical education through the 20th Century into the 21st Century
Stanley J Dudrick

[Full text - PDF]
Matching training to practice: reworking the training paradigm
Steven C Stain

[Full text - PDF]
Surgical mentoring: a critical skill
Mary E Maniscalco-Theberge

[Full text - PDF]
Simulation in surgery. Where are we now and where to from here?
Jack J Jakimowicz, Caroline M Jakimowicz

[Full text - PDF]
Education and teaching laparoscopic surgery in europe: present constraints and role of the european association for endoscopic surgery
Abe Fingerhut, Nicolas Veyrie, Bertrand Millat, Emmanuel Leandros

[Full text - PDF]
Evolution of vascular surgery and vascular surgery training: lessons learned
John J Ricotta, Robert S Rhodes

[Full text - PDF]
Teaching surgery at the UNAM and some educational concepts
Enrique Graue-Wiechers

[Full text - PDF]
The role of surgical education in undergraduate medical education
José Félix Patiño-Restrepo

[Full text - PDF]
Surgical laboratory in pregraduate medicine
Tapia-Jurado, Jesús

[Full text - PDF]
Education in the intensive care unit
Carrillo-Esper, Raúl

[Full text - PDF]
Cardiothoracic surgery in perspective. An analysis required by other specialties?
Careaga-Reyna, Guillermo

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