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April-, 2005; Volume 7: Issue 1
Inv Salud 2005; 7 (1)



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Public health: Practice vs research?
Fernando Lolas Stepke

Letters to the editor

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Thomas´ disease: Epidemic or world-wide endemia?
González Menéndez, Ricardo, Josana Rodríguez Orozco


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Transforming the Shaman: Changing Western Views of Shamanism and Altered States of Consciousness
Wolfgang G. Jilek

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Workplace mobbing in university employed
Martín Acosta Fernández, Pando Moreno, Manuel, Carolina Aranda Beltrán, Ma. Guadalupe Aldrete Rodríguez

[Full text - PDF]
The complex transdisciplinarity as theoretical reference in the boarding of the health-disease process
Joyce Esser Díaz

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Surface markers in pheripheral blood from healthy individuals do not change with age progression
Celia Guerrero Velázquez, Fernando Alfaro Bustamante, Armando Sotelo Ortiz, María Elena Reyes Moreno, Luis Santoscoy Tovar, Mary Fafutis Morris

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Health sciences research in higher education institutions in Mexico
Arturo Panduro Cerda, Sonia M. Román-Maldonado

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To have a chronic illness or to be a chronic illness person: the case of the Diabetes Mellitus
Torres López, Teresa Margarita, Jorge Dionicio Castañeda Torres, Francisco Chong Villarreal

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Freud’s languages
Néstor R. De La Portilla Geada

Case report

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Chronic and progressive multiple sclerosis
Ignacio Díaz Padilla


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Latin – American guidance of psychiatric diagnosis (GLADP)
Wolfgang G. Jilek

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Spectroscopy and its clinical usefulness in neurological diseases
Raúl Romero Ramos

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Manifestations of the nervous central system in rheumatologic diseases
Gerardo Tovar Rubio

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