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April-June, 2006; Volume 20: Issue 2
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2006; 20 (2)


Research works

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Procalcitonin for early diagnosis of bacterial sepsis
Morales Muñoz, Gustavo, Manuel Ruiz Álvarez, Aguirre Sánchez, Janet, Elizalde González, José Javier, Poblano Morales, Manuel, Martínez Sánchez, Jesús

[Full text - PDF]
Morbility and mortality during 10 years in the intensive care unit of the Agustín O’ Horan General Hospital of Mérida, Yucatán
Lucio Soberanes Ramírez, Doris del Carmen Salazar Escalante, Cetina Cámara, Marco Antonio

[Full text - PDF]
Correlation between the pressure of endotracheal tube cuff measured by the electronic method and by mercury sphygmomanometer
Lucio Soberanes Ramírez, Octavio Martínez Ayala, Baltazar Torres, José Ángel, Doris del Carmen Salazar Escalante, Carlos Alejandro Oláis Moguel

[Full text - PDF]
Morbidity and mortality of patients with acute coronary syndrome transported by a mobile intensive care unit
Ricardo Campos Cerda, Jorge Novelo-Otáñez, Federico Corona Jiménez

[Full text - PDF]
Nebulized dexamethasone versus intravenous dexamethasone for the treatment of acute asthma in pediatric emergency department
Salvador García Martínez, Mariano I Sánchez Guzmán, Bulmaro Borja Terán

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to peptic acid disease: omeprazol vs ranitidine
Luis Javier Castro D’Franchis, Fernando Rogelio Espinosa López, José Flores Figueroa

Case report

[Full text - PDF]
Acute renal dysfunction associated with dengue hemorrhagic fever. Case report
Carlos Manuel Jiménez Cárdenas, Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Moreno

>Journals >Medicina Crítica >Year 2006

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