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July-August, 2002; Volume 45: Issue 4
Rev Fac Med UNAM 2002; 45 (4)



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Transgenic foodstuffs.
Manuel Quijano

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Risks of the medicine exercise
Leonardo Zamudio

Original contributions

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Dermatological problems at initial consultation. Daily practice in dermatology during the 1st and 2nd level consultations
José Roberto Galán Galán


[Full text - PDF]
Risk of exposure to lead in the mothers and babies
Lesvia Margarita Rivera Abarca


[Full text - PDF]
The role of physicians in the promotion of health
Teodoro Carrada Bravo


[Full text - PDF]
History makers,the computers
Antonio Cerritos

Medical history

[Full text - PDF]
The historical archives of the Faculty of Medicine, UNAM
Xóchitl Martínez Barbosa

Medical education

[Full text - PDF]
Problem based learning
Norma L Martínez Viniegra, Arturo Cravioto Melo

Professional responsibility

[Full text - PDF]
A Conamed case
Dubón Peniche, María del Carmen, Bustamante Leija, Luis Eduardo , Edgar Díaz García

Clino-pathological exercise

[Full text - PDF]
Primary sclerosing cholangitis: Review of a case
Sebastián Moreno González, Francisco Díaz de León Fernández de Castro

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