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September-Diciembre, 2013; Volume 4: Issue 3
Rev Mex Periodontol 2013; 4 (3)


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Message from the president
Luis Miguel de la Isla Gálvez

Research works

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Molar root fusion First place winner in the poster contest at the Morelia AMP 2013 Congress
Bárbara Patricia Busto Rojas, Juan Carlos Flores Orduña, Samia Fayad Hassan

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Relationship between the expression of IFN-γ receptor and angiogenesis in gingival tissue samples from patients with chronic and aggressive periodontitis
Second place winner in the Research contest, Asociación Mexicana de Periodontología. More

María de la Cruz Herrera Mora, Martínez Rodríguez, Vianeth, Zamora Pérez, Ana Lourdes, Pedro Ernesto Sánchez Hernández, Ramón Franco Topete, Celia Guerrero Velázquez

Bibliographic review

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Antibiotics in periodontal therapy
Mario Ernesto García Briseño

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Chitosan: a therapeutic alternative
Cesar Paul Gómez Franco, Padilla Rosas, Miguel, Martínez Rodríguez, Vianeth, Fabiola Vaca Cornejo

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Phenotypes of periodontally compromised patients with Down syndrome. Part 1
Coral Robredo, Zerón, Agustín

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Periodontología >Year 2013

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