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January-April, 2014; Volume 5: Issue 1
Rev Mex Periodontol 2014; 5 (1)



[Full text - PDF]
Precursors of periodontology and contributions in the present Mexico. 1964-2014: Half a Century of the AMP (Mexican Asociation of Periodontology)
Zerón, Agustín

Research works

[Full text - PDF]
Location and measurement of the palatine artery in cadavers
Eugenia Rodríguez Solís, María del Carmen López Buendía

[Full text - PDF]
Periodontal sickness prevalence among breast cancer patients at ISSEMyM Oncological Center
Ocampo García, Karla Gabriela, Irlanda Barrón Garcés, Barrera Franco, José Luis, Beatriz Nava Baltazar

Clinical cases

[Full text - PDF]
Gingival manifestations of atrophic and bullous lichen planus. A clinical case report
Norma Rebeca Rojo Botello, Diana Díaz Romero, Daniel Quezada Rivera

[Full text - PDF]
Periodontally accelerated orthodontic treatment: a comparison of surgical techniques
Mahdi Faraji, Malena Andrea Izquierdo Camacho, Tavira Fernández, Silvia, Abigail Flores Ledesma, Carlos Hernández Hernández

Bibliographic review

[Full text - PDF]
Periodontal sickness and respiratory diseases: a review of clinical trials and observational studies
Karla Florián Vargas, Milagros Cornejo Ferradas, Magaly Merino Amaral, Jeffer Carreño Reyes, Marco Alarcón Palacios

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Periodontología >Year 2014

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