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January-April, 2016; Volume 7: Issue 1
Rev Mex Periodontol 2016; 7 (1)


Editorial message

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A new stage
Mondragón Castillo, León Javier

Clinical Practices

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Soft tissue management prior to implant placement in the anterior area
Solís Miranda, Jorge Alberto, Cepeda Bravo, Juan Antonio, Zermeño Ibarra, Jorge Arturo

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Guided bone regeneration for placement of dental implant. Aesthetic area
Cepeda Bravo, Juan Antonio, Solís Miranda, Jorge Alberto, Domínguez Valadez, Laura Gabriela

Bibliographic review

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Periodontal debridement and disinfection in only one session. Alternative in the non-surgical treatment of periodontitis: Literature review
Meza Mauricio, Edwin Jonathan, Correa Quispilaya, Emil, Soto Peñaloza, David Reynaldo

[Full text - PDF]
Drug-induced gingival enlargements. A genomics and genetic view. Literature review
Zerón GV, J Agustín, Sautto T, Michel

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Periodontología >Year 2016

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