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May-August, 2016; Volume 7: Issue 2
Rev Mex Periodontol 2016; 7 (2)


Clinical practice

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Orthodontic treatment assisted by corticotomies
Eguia Bernal, Orlando

Clinical case

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Papillon-Lefèvre and periodontitis. Report of 2 cases
Ortega Arrieta, Tatiana Margarita

Bibliographic review

[Full text - PDF]
Matrix metalloproteinases in patients with periodontitis and diabetes mellitus
Gómez-Sandoval, Juan Ramón, Mariaud-Schmidt, Rocío Patricia

Student platform

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Root coverage using acellular dermal matrix and subepitelial connective tissue. Presentation of a clinical case
Reyes-Hernández, Georgina Paola, Díaz de León-Torres, Erika

>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Periodontología >Year 2016

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