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January-March, 2007; Volume 20: Issue 1
Rev Inst Nal Enf Resp Mex 2007; 20 (1)



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Is it possible to advance towards a death with dignity?: Mexico’s situation compared to Holland’s
Cano Valle, Fernando

Original papers

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Direct correlation between FEF25-75 and plasmatic paraoxonase activity in adult patients with asthma
Sierra Vargas Martha Patricia, Fernández Vega Margarita, Torres Ramos Jessica Dorin, Hicks Gómez Juan José

[Full text - PDF]
Fiberoptic bronchoscopy and tracheotomy
Rafael Páramo, Edith Paredes, Alfredo Pérez Romo, Francisco Navarro, Raúl Cicero

State of the art

[Full text - PDF]
Role of sublobar resection (segmentectomy and wedge resection) in the surgical management of non-small cell lung cancer
Brian Pettiford, Rodney J Landreneau

Master´s Conference

[Full text - PDF]
Endobronchial stents and bronchial sparing surgery in the management of lung cancer
Brian Pettiford, Rodney J Landreneau

Clinical case

[Full text - PDF]
Anterior mediastinal tumor in a young man
Víctor Ruiz Piña, José Morales Gómez, Recinos Carrera, Elio Germán, Carlos Ibarra-Pérez

Surgical Monography

[Full text - PDF]
Surgical treatment of chronic pulmonary thromboembolism
Rueda Villalpando, José Pablo, M Enrique Baltazares Lipp, Elizabeth Reyes Leyva, José Luis Zacarías Martín, Daniel Alejandro Munguía Canales, Villalba Caloca, Jaime, José Morales Gómez

Review papers

[Full text - PDF]
Mesencephalic dopaminergic tract lesions in tobacco addiction behavior. A review of mechanisms of disease and an hypothesis
Elizabeth Escobar Arriaga, Oliver Pérez Bautista, Alejandra Ramírez Venegas, Sansores, Raúl H

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of systemic hypertension in patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Carlos Cobo Abreu, María Guadalupe Fabián San Miguel

Interestings of communication

[Full text - PDF]
Simulacrum at The National Institute of Respiratory Diseases in the presence of an influenza pandemia
Diana Consuelo Torres Ramos, Octavio Narváez Porras, Yazmín Godínez Zavala, Leticia Martínez Valadez, Óscar Ramos López, Anjarath Higuera Iglesias

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Rev Inst Nal Enf Resp Mex on line: Graphic and the “Ten most wanted” list
(Cfr. www.medigraphic.com/iner)

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