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January-March, 2003; Volume 16: Issue 1
Rev Inst Nal Enf Resp Mex 2003; 16 (1)



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On the fusion of the Journals of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases and the Society of Pneumology and Thorax Surgery
Celso García Espinosa

Original papers

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Opportunistic infections in VIH patients of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, 1991-2001.
Ma. Cecilia García Sancho, Lina Edith Pérez González, Francisco Franco Marina, Gustavo Reyes Terán

[Full text - PDF]
Comparison between BHT and FI to evaluate severity and clinical evolution of the asthma crisis.
José Guillermo Carrillo Rodríguez, Mayra Mejía Ávila, Teresa Suárez Landa, César Julio Robledo Pascual, Mariano Sánchez Guzmán, Andrea Estrada Garrido

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical and microbiological diagnosis quality of lower respiratory sepsis.
Lisandro Hernández Madrazo, Andrés Reyes Corcho, Emiliano Diez y Martínez de la Cotera, Susana Chamero Melgarejo, Julián Viera Yañiz, Yadira Bouza Jiménez

[Full text - PDF]
Changes in the quality of life of diabetic patients after a physical excercise program.
Martha Adelina González Calvo, María Eugenia Domínguez Flores, Julio César Robledo Pascual, María Guadalupe Fabián San Miguel, Margarita Lezama Cohen

Case Reports

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Anatomoclinical session of the National Institute of Respiratory Disease.
Margarita Salazar Flores, Victoria Falcón Solís, Luis Torre Bouscoulet, Rosa María Rivera

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Pulmonary lesion induced by cocaine. A case report.
Rolando Reyna López, Luis F. Alva López, Victoria Falcón Solís, Roberto Sotelo Robledo, Erica Peña Mirabal

Review article

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Molecular bases of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis-macrophage interaction.
Hugo Trejo Márquez, Patricia Gorocica, Flor Porras, Raúl Chávez, Ricardo Lascurain, Edgar Zenteno

[Full text - PDF]
Atmospheric pollution in the southern Mexico City Metropolitan Area.
Martha Elena Munguía Castro, José Pérez Neria

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